It's tough out there...... are you simply reacting to the times at hand, or are you aggressively looking for strategic opportunities to break away from the pack? If you have the vision to stand apart, Capital Transportation Solutions (CTS) can provide the difference with proprietary tools, systems and professionals dedicated to helping you optimize your supply-chain requirements.

We are constantly on the move at CTS, providing world-class transportation management solutions since 1997. Our systems and services provide a competitive advantage – we have the rates, we control our software, we make a difference.

Why not check us out? – whether it be our freight management program, our dedicated routing center, leveraging our spot market brokerage, utilizing our 100+ professional staff for project management and outsourcing, or accessing our proprietary web based software (ShipRite On Demand™) with "real time" response twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week - we can meet your needs, so simply click here to make your vision a reality.

Capital Transportation Solutions LLC is now a subsidiary of Odyssey Logistics & Technology.

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For more information about Odyssey Logistics & Technology, please visit www.EmpoweringGlobalLogistics.com

CTS is proud to announce that it recently completed its Type II SAS-70 Service Auditors Report certification. This audit examines and verifies the physical, logical, environmental, operational and security controls that are in place in our Data Center